CJ White -  Artist

When did you start tattooing?

I got started tattooing when I was 23. I had done a few art jobs and a few construction jobs and decided it was time to pursue passion over profit. I had been getting tattooed for a few years and loved the atmosphere and the personalities. I knew I'd fit in here. I gained an apprenticeship from Thomas Pendelton during his guest spot at a local street shop. I helped him build and start Peninsula Rose tattoo that summer. The rest is history, and here I am.

What is your artistic style?

My style sways from traditional to "neo traditional". I developed this style based on my interest in the history of the trade and largely by the influences of my tattoo lineage. Plus, who wouldn't wanna know how to do some cool shit that lasts forever. Amiright?

Artistic Goals ?

My artistic/tattooing goals and dreams are simply to grow, make the best tattoos I can and ultimately earn the respect of my clients and peers. 

As for my focus, I think I'll be going wherever the wind blows me so to speak. I believe that art is largely about emotion and perception, and anything that does that can be a tool to help my reach my goals.


Recent Work