Harper Joplin -  Artist

When did you start tattooing?

I started tattooing at a small shop in southern Indiana in December of 2007. Art has always been a love of mine, tattooing really gave me the opportunity to grow and create in a new way. My preferred style is illustrative. I most enjoy drawing people, animals and bones, though, just about anything in the realm of nature or fantasy  I will be excited to work on. 

Your style and how it developed?

I’ve had a love of art from a very young age. I’ve worked in a “street shop” for the majority of my career. During that time, I spent most of my time learning to mimic other styles instead of having the freedom to pursue my own. In 2016, I was given an awesome opportunity to do a guest spot, which allowed me the chance to grow and explore more of my own style as an artist. I still enjoy working in multiple styles, but the work I enjoy the most is illustrative- realistic ideas with solid outlines, and almost anything based in nature.

What are you into outside the shop?

Outside of tattooing, I love to spend my time painting, baking, or going to renaissance festivals. I enjoy traveling when I can, and take as many opportunities as I can to grow as person and as an artist.


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