Kyle Wood - Owner & Artist

When did you start tattooing?

I started tattooing my brothers in C 37th, in 2010 while deployed to Iraq. I was a kitchen wizard in NC for a few months before my honorable discharge and return to the PNW in 2011. I bounced around a few shops in Kitsap County, Bay area California, and Anchorage Alaska, learning how different shops and artists worked until I opened Woodwork in 2013. I've done most of my tattoo design and application learning here, luckily I've been surrounded by some amazing artist. 

What is your artistic style?

I really enjoy comic book stylized illustration, I grew up drawing Ninja Turtles and Marvel characters. I love to draw designs directly on the skin with sharpies and enjoy the challenge of a good portrait. 

Artistic goals?

I want to complete a body suit, have my own gallery show, record an album, film a music video, produce commercials for local businesses in my community, start a podcast channel, build a production company, build a venue... and always by next Tuesday. 

What are you into outside the shop?

I'm a dedicated family man, I'm out enjoying all the PNW has to offer with them.

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