Nathan Balasi -  Artist

When did you start tattooing?

I started tattooing my senior year of high school I think if I would’ve graduated it would’ve been 0 five not really sure tho😁 never really paid attention. I always was a big doodler growing up. That shit was just fun to me but anyways a tattoo artist from a local shop saw my doodles & thought that they were good enough for an apprenticeship. They totally weren’t by the way. So I quit high school the next day & started hanging out at the tatt shop. All downhill from there👍🏼

What's your artistic style?

You know it’s changed actually quite frequently now days I just call myself a Chameleon. try to get my hands on any style but I have been trying to focus in more on neotraditional looking tattoos.  But at the same time tho I have been diggin on B&G tats lately!!!

Artistic goals?

To Make sure I’m still having fun doing it. Whatever Medium I fall into.Tattoo wise though I would definitely like to do more conventions I have lots of fun meeting new people at the shows And it’s good to get out of town once in a while.

What are you into outside the shop?

I love being out in the woods camping with close friends and my boy Shaka. We are really into dirt bikes. Braaap!!! my seven-year-old son is now in motocross races now so I also love playing Moto dad/mechanic on the weekends. 

and I like to party 🎉 

recent work